Sunday, 23 October 2022

Tory leadership nonsense continues

Erm, who blinked?

One minute, Liz Truss had been selected into office. She goes and meets Brenda, who dies days later, passing the Crown to her Weffist son, Chaz. A month after that, Truss has quit office.

Something was quite bonkers about Truss’ selection “manifesto”, which was to invoke some sort of low-tax regime to stimulate spending, to “grow” the economy, while price-hikes – fuelled by endless inflation (money printing) – continue to pound supermarket shelves and petrol pumps.

It has always been chronically against the public interest to practice any form of Keynesianism, but to implement a double-botched version of Keynesianism was always going to be stupidly against the sinister vested interests that profit (at the expense of ordinary plebs) from the Keynesian orthodoxy.

Some feeble-minded sheeple criticise Truss for giving in too quickly. Other sheeble-minded feeple criticise Truss for wilfully disobeying her (presumed) careful indoctrination by the World Economic Forum/Rockefeller Empire. Both sheeple are wrong. Truss simply had to string things out.

Sure, the Weffists on the Tory backbenches could have done a slicker job, but even Tory Weffists fight like cats in a sack given half the chance. The fall of Truss says more about the disjointed nature of the Tory Weffists than it does about anything else. Ultimately, they all agree on UN Agenda 2030. The clowns have simply made the obvious – that the world is run by unaccountable Weffist plutocrats – even more obvious.

The Tory selection process chunders on. (Yes, chunders, not chunters; not a typo). Mordaunt – whose policy selection, assumptions and presentation blatantly reveals “woke” psychopathy – has declared her intention to run, presumably representing the punishment of a country that voted for Brexit. Sunak, who came second last time, has said he is also going to run, yet Sunak was the one who started to blab about the not-so-hidden UN Agenda 2030 and the WEF in the last week of the selection process. This could have been a genuine vote-winner for the Tory party in the country at large, but the menace of an open debate must have freaked out the WEF so – surprise, surprise – Truss ended up winning the selection process. Hmm. Might there have been a Bidenesque “count” of the votes behind the selection process?

And then there is the return of Boris. So far, Boris has returned from vacation, not yet Number 10, but he too has announced a willingness as a candidate for the Tory selectorate. Boris was very good for the WEF and its interests (at the expense of us ordinary plebs), so if Boris is to return, the WEF will need to sort out the discontent amongst the Tory backbench Weffists. However that could be done.

Irrespective of which muppet sits in Number 10, the WEF will remain in charge.

With the benefit of hindsight, and recent knowledge about the WEF, it looks clear that Brexit was simply an exercise to launder the control of the UK away from the European Union and more directly under the control of the United Nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. The identities of the UK’s “handlers” have changed, but the inconvenient fact remains that the UK is still handled by unaccountable sources of influence (or political control). It is the “double-coffin lid”.

Meanwhile, the European Union continues to make itself as unattractive as possible. The Union has become a lot uglier than it was prior to the referendum. The European Commission recently announced that it was ready to return to mandatory masks, covid passports and compulsory injections relating to the on-going covid scamdemic. The impact of the injections is now plain to see in the age-standardised, all-cause mortality statistics throughout the western world, including those of Euromomo. The Commission needs a cover story for this oncoming tsunami of drug-induced death. Helpfully, it co-incides with a self-inflicted energy shortage, caused primarily by the European Union boycotting Russian fuel supplies, because America said so (“sanctions”). So, lots of causes of premature death, to get the population down and save the planet from man-made global warming. And lots of choice for plausible deniability. All very UN Agenda 2030.

Probably for this sort of analysis can one find comments on the interweb from voters for remain asking themselves, “What was I thinking at the time?!” This is in stark contrast from the silence from most voters for leave: leave voters cannot point to any particular benefit from Brexit as at today, and those leave voters who understood the nature of global governance recognise the double-coffin lid. The same threat of psychopathic, unaccountable technocracy remains in situ. Brexit, it turns out, was nothing more than a false choice of two escalators to the same destination.

Even so, there are still some Remainiacs out there shilling for a return of the UK to the European Union, in spite of the European Union’s fraudulent policy choices, about which even European Parliamentarians toothlessly complain! Hardly a good advertisement for a return to the EU, is it?

The issues of the day set out at remain in place. One addition to the list is the creation of the proxy war between the United States and Russia in (and on top of) Ukraine. Although the collapse of energy generation capacity has been a long-term policy – witness the lack of useful policy by the UK government over the decades – the liars in the mainstream media now want to brainwash us into thinking that the war in Ukraine is the root cause of fuel shortages in Europe… not even the suicidally stupid policy choice by the Europeans to agree with the Americans about “sanctions” against Russia.

The Americans have taken physical steps to ensure that Russia cannot supply Europe (easily, if at all) by blowing up gas pipeline Nord Stream 1. Russia won’t care; it’ll find another buyer for the gas, even if the buyer is India and intends to re-sell it to Europe at a mark-up. Europe won’t care; it needs the gas at whatever currency price. America will be happy; a higher market price in Europe for gas means a more viable market for American exports of liquefied gas.

Along the way, the WEF, the United Nations and the banksters will take incremental steps towards their dystopian totalitarian regime of central bank digital currencies, that prohibit trade of ordinary plebs outside the arbitrary, false and capricious choices of the technocrats.

But, hey, that’s all of the fault of Brexit, right?

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