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How cynical is electioneering nowadays?

While Truss keeps the office chair at Number 10 warm from her replacement, Britain’s opposition parties are lining up for an election.

One political party has already starting campaigning for a seat for the national Parliament. It has sent out a campaigning flyer to its target constituency’s voters.

The Parliamentary constituency in question is in the south of England. It has been a safe Tory (the blue mafia) seat since forever, typically polling more than 50% of the votes cast for the Tories. The seat is so safe, that it is not a viable seat for either the Loo-Brush Party (the red mafia) or the Groans (the green mafia). So, up turns the Libellous Demarcates (the orange-yellowish mafia), thinking that they are the only ones who have a chance at unTorying this Parliamentary seat.

The campaign for the Libellous Demarcates appears to have started with a survey.

Yes. A survey.

A political party is supposed to represent us ordinary plebs. But the Libellous Demarcates appear not to know how to represent what for whom. The Lib Dem mafia need to survey us ordinary plebs, to find out how to make us ordinary plebs fall for the mafia’s media messages (i.e. lies), while the mafia’s narrative remains confined to the mafia’s preferred tropes. The survey appears below.

The survey is accompanied by a covering letter. This is where the disingenuity starts, straight from the opening paragraph.

The covering letter

The opening paragraph opens with, “This Conservative Government has lost touch with the challenges you and I face on a daily basis.” No excrement, Sherlock. “Out on the doorsteps, local people are worried about what the future holds for our country and our community.” Worried? No. Angry? Oh, yes.

“The cost of living emergency is devastating and only likely to get worse. NHS waiting times have never been higher. Trust in politicians and their integrity is at an all time low.”

OMG, there is soooooo much to unbundle already that I feel an entire symposium of applied psychology might be in order. Here’s the short version:

  • yet another “emergency” on top of the pseudo-emergencies already manufactured on pure lies, made particularly convincing by military-grade applied psychological techniques, is a sure-fire way to prove that the author of the survey has no integrity. The discourse of this mafia’s flyer is thus compliant with the narratives of the United Nations and the World Economic Forum, so this mafia offers no solution, it offers only more of the same.

  • NHS waiting times are almost certainly a consequence of the NHS having functionally ceased to exist as a service provider of health care. The private health care sector is the only available fallback, and private health care providers need to profit from their trade to remain operating at all. Reselling drugs – vaccines in particular – is a key income stream for such health care providers in the UK (especially as British patients either can’t, or won’t, pay). Trust in, and integrity of, even local general practitioners is likely at an all time low (e.g. you can’t get an appointment for a kidney problem, or a heart problem, that’ll be done by telephone in three months time, but you can drop into a doctor’s surgery unannounced right now to have an injection of some drug, without consultation or risk assessment). So, for this mafia to whinge its usual trite trope about NHS waiting times is proof that the author has indeed “lost touch with the challenges you and I face”. One would have hoped a Parliamentary candidate to have gone beyond the tropes, but, alas, no. Objectivity and integrity of a wannabe politician apparently must have their limits.

Later in the letter, “As [constituency’s] next MP…” Hold up: don’t you need to be elected first? Or do you have an inside track on whether the constituency will deploy Bidenesque “counting” methods at the next selection? Did you mean to write, “As a candidate for [constituency’s] next election…”? Or did your consultant applied psychologist advise you that if you write it as a fait accompli already, then you would convince more of the sheeple to vote for you when the time comes? Assuming the sheeple remember at the time of the selection.

The covering letter turns to the survey. “… could [would?] you [kindly?] take a few minutes to complete and [to] return this survey?It’s your chance to tell me what change you want to see – locally and nationally.” Punctuation and lack of space after the question mark is at it appears on the covering letter. Seriously. This mush wants my vote, but apparently can’t be bothered to proof-read a document published in his/her/its name, or even realise the differences between spoken English and written English. What do they teach in schools nowadays?! Oh wait, that might be in the survey…!

The survey

Real-world context

To re-cap, here is what is going on the world. UK government policy is doing its bit to implement it.

  • banksters have printed so much money since 2008 that the western financial system is on the verge of constant collapse, but has failed to do so because the underlying economy is more resilient than the central planners had expected. This is why they want central planning, because they know best. How very dare reality fight back! Banksters’ central bank digital currencies will enforce such central planning, whether reality likes it or not.

  • drugsters have printed – literally, 3D-printed, at least in part – a collection of novel mRNA and mDNA drugs and have pushed these drugs into open society, without even properly completing phase one trials. The drugs are thus untested and now untestable (there is no control group within the scope of the drugs’ trials). Meanwhile, aged-standardised, all-cause mortality rates are higher than in prior years, even during the summer of 2022 compared to 2021 and 2020. An amazing co-incidence? A correlation? Or causation?

  • ageing populations worldwide, and birth rates falling below the replacement rate. These trends had set in years ago and have been predictable for decades. We won’t know what impact the rollout of the drugsters’ dodgy drugs might have on our ability to react to sudden changes in population numbers (in this context, “sudden” means within ten years).

  • corporatists have recognised that the continuing centralisation of all law and regulations means that He Who Has The One Controls Them All. This is the global public-private partnership, a means of thieving the global commons into private hands, resulting in neo-feudalism for us ordinary plebs. Anti-democracy and zero accountability is the name of the game.

  • incremental moves towards centralised technocracy look challenging from an honest democratic perspective, so we need lots of emergencies, many at once, cluster after cluster, continuously, in series and in parallel, the more contradictory the better, so that the ordinary plebs will throw their brains out of the window, and give all of their freedoms away so that we have a nice Great Reset and impose One World Global Governance For The Benefit Of Corporations. Emergencies are all carefully engineered to such end. Emergencies include:

    • a climate emergency (apparently, carbon dioxide has magical powers way beyond the laws of thermodynamics, so be scared);

    • a health emergency (apparently, coronaviruses are always deadly, how our species has survived for millennia without allopathic medicine is a complete mystery, must be luck, so be scared);

    • a debt emergency (apparently, we can just buy everything on debt and it’ll be fine, the Greenspan Put of 1992 is still a thing, Japanese history from the 1980s is a Far Right Climate-Denying Conspiracy Theory, nothing to see there, we’re not supposed to notice);

    • a food emergency (food production capacity has been cut progressively for nearly a decade now, lockdown provided a cover story under which to accelerate the cuts, we’re not supposed to notice yet, but the time for us to notice officially is close at hand);

    • an energy emergency (fuel and energy production capacity has been cut progressively for a few decades now, caused mainly by a failure of governments to define frameworks for energy policies, lockdown provided a cover story under which to accelerate “maintenance schedules” all to happen at once, and today we even have another cover story – the proxy-war in Ukraine – to excuse a failure of gas supplies. We’re not supposed to notice shortages of energy just yet, but we are supposed to believe that everything is Russia’s fault well in advance of our official date on which we are allowed to notice energy shortages).

    • an emergency emergency. Well, maybe not, but let’s have a few more emergencies anyway. Why not? The more, the merrier.

  • the uneven, hockey-stick all-cause mortality spikes of 2020, 2021 and 2022 tell us a story of systematic medical malpractice, deployed as a form of apparent democide.

  • plutocrats understand just enough about the slow change to the behaviour of our sun since 1859, combined with the reducing power of the Earth’s magnetic field as the magnetic poles move to prepare for something bad. For example, Jeff Bezos has dug some sort of Bond-villan underground liar in Valley of the Rising Sun, state Colorado, United States.

  • mainstream media hides all of the above context under the cover of a well-planned, saturating, distracting blizzard of “emergencies” (see list above), complete with celebrity endorsement, for the entertainment of the ordinary plebs.

The actual survey

So, guess what’s in the survey?

The survey comprises 28 questions, with sections on:

  • the cost of living;

  • healthcare;

  • education;

  • environment;

  • “your views”.

The questions in the survey follow. Which of these questions squarely (not tangentially) address any part of the major real-world context above?

  • Q1. How concerned are you with the cost of living? (scale 0 to 4)

  • Q2. Which of the following are you most concerned about? [yes, the English really is that bad].

    • Food prices, energy bills, fuel prices, business costs, tax rises, bus and rail fares, other.

  • Q3. Do you think the Government has done enough to support people struggling with the cost of living? (yes/no)

  • Q4. Has the cost of living criss had a particular impact on your life that you’d like to tell us about?

  • Q5. Have you or a member of your family visited A&E in the past two years? (yes/no)

  • Q6. If so, did you or they travel to A&E in an ambulance (yes/no)

  • Q7. If so, how long did the ambulance take to arrive?

    • less than 10 minutes, less than 30 minutes, less than 1 hour, between 1 and 2 hours, more than 2 hours.

  • Q8. Are you registered with a local NHS dentist? (yes/no)

  • Q9. Have you ever had to pay for private treatment because you couldn’t access that treatment through an NHS dentist? (yes/no)

  • Q10. Have you been able to register with a local GP? (yes/no)

  • Q11. On average, how long do you have to wait to get an appointment with you GP?

    • same day, less than a week, more than a week, more than a fortnight.

  • Q12. In your experience, are GP waiting times getting longer or shorter? (longer/shorter)

  • Q13. Are you concerned about the affordability of social care services you or a loved one might need to use? (yes/no)

  • Q14. Please use the space below to tell us about recent experiences with a local health services that you would like to tell us about.

  • Q15. How well do you feel local schools are being supported with “catching up” children after COVID? (scale 0 to 4)

  • Q16. How concerned are you about the availability of provisions for pupils with special educational needs? (scale 0 to 4).

  • Q17. Do you feel confident that children in your community can travel to school safely? (yes/no)

  • Q18. Do you think the Government is doing enough to support local teachers? (yes/no)

  • Q19. How would you rate the state of local roads, pavements and paths? (scale 0 to 4) Please give locations of any specific problems.

  • Q20. How important is it to you that our local countryside is protected? (scale 0 to 4) [protected from whom or from what? survey doesn’t ask]

  • Q21. How concerned are you about raw sewage being dumped in local rivers by water companies? (scale 0 to 4)

  • Q22. Do you support the Lib Dem campaign to oppose the environmentally damaging expansion to [a local airport]? (yes/no)

  • Q23. Do you think the Government is going enough to address climate change and protect our local environment? (yes/no) What more do you think should be done to protect our local environment?

  • Q24. Which of these issue are most important to you and your family?

    • education/schools, NHS and social care, public transport, crime, lack of housing, climate change, public services, cost of living, jobs/economy, congestion, protecting green spaces, local farming, road repairs.

  • Q25. Which party did you support at the 2019 UK General Election?

    • Libellous Demarcates, Tory, Loo-Brush, Groan, Other [names changed to protect the guilty]

  • Q26. Who do you plan to vote for at the election to choose our next local MP? [really?!]

    • Libellous Demarcates, Tory, Loo-Brush, Groan, Other [names changed to protect the guilty. What about “any independent candidate”?]

  • Q27. Which would you prefer: a Tory MP or a Lib Dem MP? (Tory/Ibidem)

  • Q28. [Candidate] and the Lib Dem team are fighting to get a fairer deal for [constituency] after years of Tory neglect. Can you help our campaign to improve our area?

    • I will put up a poster at election time, I will deliver leaflets, I will knock on doors, I will make a donation (please make cheques payable to [constituency] Lib Dems or donate online)

  • Your name, your email address, your phone number.

Comments on the survey

The UK’s national Parliament is the supreme lawmaking authority in the UK. It can make, unmake and amend any legislation it wants. It can sign the UK up to international treaties; it can revoke UK membership of international treaties. It can strike-down government actions, including those undertaken unilaterally by government under the Royal Prerogative. A member of the UK Parliament should therefore be a high-level job with a high-level, or strategic, mindset, so as to be able to hold the criminal enterprise a.k.a. government to account.

But apparently not for this mafia.

The questions about the cost of living are pitching towards increasing welfare payouts (of course), with no regard to how banksters’ inflation have caused price hikes in both assets (yay! we’re rich!) and commodities (boo! we’re poor!), including food and energy.

The questions about health care remain locked in the paradigm that the NHS is worth keeping in its current (sabotaged) state, as if only a few tweaks to policy outcomes matter. The questions reveal no new thinking to solve issues such as:

  • the deliberately-engineered debilitating framework in which management of NHS service delivery progressively decays;

  • re-framing the system, or dumping it and starting afresh, or even creating a parallel health care service;

  • the World Health Organisation’s Pandemic Preparedness Plan, which would eliminate any local health care provision unilaterally, in all 198 member nations of the United Nations;

  • the huge spike in all-cause mortality co-incident with lockdown after Mar2020 (and not before).

  • the mass injuries and increasing all-cause mortality starting from the year of the coronavirus vaccine rollout (from Dec2020);

  • whether General Practitioners have a financial conflict of interest against their patients’ medical needs (“Do no harm, but make profit first”);

  • whether the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency has a conflict of interest between the regulation of drugs and the bulk of its income derived from interests in common with those of drugs companies.

The questions about education completely miss the mark. The major issues for school children today – if not their parents – is how schools are teaching children to feel based upon a series of ideologies based on pseudo-science. Schools should be teaching children skills and how to think (not what to emote). “Catching up” with disruption caused by lockdown might have been a past issue. Schools are pummelling young brains with propaganda about climate change, transgenderism, transhumanism and a taught reliance on electronic gadgetry in preference to useful, practical and social skills.

The questions about the environment also completely miss the mark. All of the topics in the questions are regulated by central government in one way shape or form, yet the delivery of the topics’ policies are the responsibility of local authorities, even though the local authorities can do only what central government has said they can do. In addition, for the avoidance of doubt, national government can over-ride local authorities in many different ways. The regulatory model is designed to lock-out the demos. Thus, the survey’s questions are fatuous all by themselves, all the more so for appearing in a flyer for a candidate of a national Parliament, whose nexus with these issues (if elected) is going to be nearly zero.

Does the survey address the issues that the covering letter raised?

Does the survey demonstrate that the Lib Dems are in touch “with the challenges you and I face on a daily basis”? No, clearly not. That the Lib Dems think a survey is relevant, useful – even as a campaign tool – demonstrates that the Lib Dems are either as equally as complicit as the Tory government, or that the Lib Dems are even clueless than the Tories about how the real world works.

Does the survey point towards how to solve the cost of living emergency? No. The nearest it gets is, “More welfare! More of somebody else’s money!” How do we fund that, then? “You racist!!”

Does the survey point towards how to repair the NHS? No. The survey’s questions don’t even get to the racetrack, let alone start the race.

Does the survey help to increase trust in politicians, or help to improve the integrity of political parties? No. On the contrary, by comprehensively missing the point on absolutely everything, this survey and covering letter demonstrates that the sole offer is more of the same.

This campaign survey is thus cynically disingenuous.

Politics in the UK seems irretrievably broken, as it has been since 1997.

But, hey, that’s all the fault of Brexit, right?

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