Sunday, 2 February 2020

Britain has left the European Union

Britain left the European Union at 23:00 on Fri 31Jan2020.

As at the date & time of this blog:

  • the sky has not fallen on our heads;
  • the four horsemen of the apocalypse have yet to arrive;
  • the Church of the National Health Service is still with us;
  • no government body has yet admitted to economic depression having just started;
  • the planet has not blown up as a result of a Brexit-induced, man-made global warming event.

Consequently, we can safely conclude that the Remainiacs' Project Fear was a complete pack of lies.

Similarly, there is no evidence of the sunlit lands of bread and honey promised by the Brextremists' Project Fantasy.  Even the much vaunted "trade deal" between the UK and USA is in doubt, as the American politico-military-industrial establishment turns in on itself in the run-up to its general election of Nov2020 (while the idiot Democrats use the "impeachment" process to divert attention from their own problems with Sanders & Tulsi eating the Democratic political lunch, so to speak, the American military establishment is beginning to realise that its primary aircraft manufacturer Boeing can't actually make aircraft any more.  Oops.  It's not really the ideal environment in which to talk about importing chlorinated chickens into the British food chain.)

But now the real battle begins.

Not between the EU and UK, of course.  That particular piece of theatre generates too much income for various parasitic media interests, so the presentation of that fake battle shall continue.  Besides, the presentation serves the establishment's needs for useful diversionary propaganda, to keep the eyes of the riff-raff away from what's really going on.

The real battle is between the UK establishment and the UK non-establishment taxpayers (us ordinary plebs, or the "Deplorables", as Hillary Clinton would likely refer to us).

UKGov is now stripped of its beloved alibi, its partner-in-crime, the EU.  From now on, the people shall see the true deceit, mendacity, duplicity, incompetence, sabotage, snobbery and cynicism of the UK establishment.  Blair's quangocracy and local government reforms continues to provide funded safe harbour for trained activists of Common Purpose, in turn providing by-passes for due process to replace just choices for public policy for corrupt choices for public policy and policy (mis-)implementation.

Senior civil servants in positions of real sabotage remain largely unchallenged.  The key example remains Mark Sedwell, who acquired fingers in every pie while serving in May's government and he is still doing the same job, with the same fingers in the same pies, in Johnson's government.  This amounts to the ultimate conflict of interest, which the English have not seen since Oliver Cromwell.  The civil service appears to have successfully suffocated a recent call by Cummings for "weirdos and misfits" be recruited into the civil service.

Within the next few years - perhaps fewer than 5 - we shall find the UK establishment having put the UK into a fake position akin to that of 1971, that "there is no alternative but to re-join the European Union."  We can predict this is the plan, because Nigel Farage has promoted Tony Blair's alleged statement that re-joining the EU is a non-starter, it is time for the UK to move on.  This implies Blair contradicting his own well-documented belief that the UK shall inevitably re-join the EU (prediction or plan or plot?) and the beliefs of other key Remainaics, including Andrew Adonis.  Yet, given that Remainiacs have no rational reasons to be Remainaics, why would anybody with a brain cell in their head believe that somehow these emotionally-driven, anti-democratic, pro-communist, subversive irrationalists would have somehow "changed their minds" or "seen the light"?

But for a re-run of the bounce of 1971 - the bounce of the UK into the then European Economic Community, later the EU - the UK shall have no upside to mis-sell to us ordinary plebs.  Population growth is flattening, expected to turn negative by the 2040s; with this will decline the promise of ever-lasting economic growth.  So, either the bounce will be an anti-democratic bounce - as befits the anti-democratic technocracy that is the EU - or the bouncing "referendum" will be held at the wrong end of a gun.  Literally.  A gun provided by the newly militarised civilian police forces asunder the European Defence Union.  We already see the prototype of this European Defence Force in France: after a year of ongoing protests between state against people, a recent development has been that the militarised police of France (representing the totalitarian anti-democratic French state) have been beating up the non-militarised fire fighters (representing our comrades, the ordinary plebs of France).  The real purpose of the European Defence Union is no hyperbole.  It's already here.  Only Remainiacs are sufficiently deceitful to deny it. 

Britain could play host to the world's next Tiananmen Square!  How ironic, considering the likely preaching about human rights that UKGov will give China as a prelude to trade talks.

The UK establishment has a head-start against its people, having pre-arranged some sabotage with its EU alibi.  On 01Feb2020 started the "Transition Period" of 11 months ending 31Dec2020.  In this "Transition Period", the UK has no rights to influence legislation emanating from the EU, but must implement such legislation anyway.  This gives the EU the perfect - albeit short - opportunity to stack the deck heavily against the UK general taxpayer, to fleece the taxpayer to the greatest extent since Brown nationalised toxic banks.  Why would the EU turn down this particular gravy train?  The UK establishment shall need every bullet under the European Defence Union to handle this one.

As every day passes, the pressure for civil war in the UK grows and grows and grows....

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