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UK general Election 12Dec2019

So, after PM May’s departure, her replacement Boris Johnson has adopted her abominable withdrawal “deal” with the European Union, has somehow obtained a Parliamentary nod for its approval and now belatedly realises that he needs a majority of a disciplined party to rubber-stamp the deal.

So far, the story is just like that of May.

And it seems set to continue.  Johnson has called a General Erection – a vote in which the whole country gets stiffed – for 12Dec2019.  Will he, like May, get the majority that he wants?  Or will the people return another hung Parliament?

Answers to those questions are best left to future historians.  For now, first things first.

It is even worth voting?

Question 1: the people ordered Brexit on 23Jun2019.

Question 2: has UKGov delivered Brexit?  No.

Question 3: has UKParl delivered Brexit?  No.  Quite the reverse.  Prevarication to the maximum extent, and then some more.

Question 4: why has Brexit not happened?  Because the Remainiac elite seek to subvert Brexit at any cost.

Question 5: which of the candidates in my constituency are servants of the elite?  Four of them.

Five candidates stand.  One for each of the three main mafia (Con, Lab, Illib-AntiDems), plus two more suckers from two different parties: “Advance Together” and the “Christian Peoples Alliance”.

The AT Party was created by a former LibDem/IllibAnti-Dem, so I don’t need to waste time researching this wannbe-mafia troup.

The CPA says of itself, “We have developed a detailed manifesto seeking only to say things that are pleasing to God and are based on Biblical values,” so, again, I don’t need to waste time with this lot (although I couldn’t resist one second look: on a page entitled, “We believe in”, the first item on the list is... “Social Justice”, which now typically means the leftist-wokist ideology of social justice, which in turn means that the CPA believes in its own extermination.  Crazy.)

Question 6: which of the candidates are probably not servant of the elite?  One of them, the CPA.  And this party isn’t credible.  So, in reality, none of the candidates are servants of the people, all of the candidates are servants of the elite.

Interim conclusion

As a vote simply ratifies the cynical, mafia, elite state in which we live, there is no good reason to vote.

Democracy cannot function in a post-truthist, elite-driven society: the freedom of us plebs seems now to depend upon a French-style revolution.

Examining the details

Let’s have a quick look at the offerings from the three main mafia anyway.  It might be slightly entertaining.  This is based upon the headlines spoon-fed to us plebs by the fakestream media.

There is no point in reading the mafia’s manifestos.  No manifesto is worth the toilet paper it would be best printed on.  And you wouldn’t use such toilet paper, for fear of catching a nasty infection.

Besides, the IllibAntiDems have posted so many bloody leaflets through the front door’s letterbox that the sheer quantity of paper is an ecological disaster.

In the midst of mild entertainment, might there be a small hook on which us ordinary plebs could hang some faith?

The Yellow Mafia

The Illiberal Anti-Democrats (also known as the Liberal Democrats; even their party's name lies) have sworn to revoke the Article 50 letter of 29Mar2017, contrary to Parliament’s decision to issue the Article 50 letter, and the instruction from the people (for which Parliament asked) on 23Jun2016.

The LibDems are fiercely loyal to a meta-governmental technocracy that sucks the accountability out of public life and hands it to a corruptocracy.

Oh, and the LibDem’s leader’s husband’s income depends upon the UK being a member of that same technocracy.  And then they tell us that they believe in local democracy.  Which is the lie?

Remarkably, the LibDems don’t even feel the need for any referenda at all to revoke Article 50.  So much for liberal democracy.  But, to the credit of the LibDems, it makes it very easy to rule out voting for these cretins.

The Red Mafia

The Labour Party wants as many referenda as it takes to cancel Brexit.  Only slightly less subtle than the unsubtle IllibAnti-Dems, Labour wants confirmatory referenda, including a referendum on its own negotiation of its own deal with the European Union... as if the EU will re-open negotiations, as if the EU would negotiate any different outcome.  Having got an apparently new deal with the EU, The Red Mafia proposes to campaign against such deal, preferring to remain in the EU anyway.

Could.  Not.  Make.  It.  Up.

Jeremy Corbyn, a lifelong Euro-sceptic, has apparently gone native with his remainiac Parliamentary party.  Indeed, it might be that Corbyn has converted to Remainiacism if his colleagues have convinced him that the European Union is indeed the pathway to eugenic world communism via anti-democratic technocratic government.

Meanwhile, the party itself is keen to have us believe that America will colonise the UK and sell off the NHS to evil private capitalists.  The problem for the Red Mafia is that even if the scaremongering turns out to be an accurate prediction, the credibility of the Red Mafia is negative.

The Blue Mafia

Conservative: putting the Con back into Government.  So to speak.

Johnson is another embodiment of everything wrong about our despicable ruling elite, just like, say, Blair.  The underlying corruptocratic interests are fundamentally the same.  The difference is the choice of methods by which the corrupt, feudalist, corporate client-state applies to us ordinary plebs.  Different methods, same outcome.

Although Johnson has committed to ratifying the abominable deal with the European Union, there is, so far at least, no circumstantial evidence that Johnson seeks any deal with the EU.

If the Blue Mafia wins, what are the likely outcomes?

Johnson’s Mafia implies the UK’s pivot to America, effectively leaving the UK’s relationship with the EU to wither (to wither further than it already has!).  This indicates that a “no-deal” Brexit might still happen on 31Jan2020 or on 31Dec2020, if the European Council give up on keeping the UK in the EU.

It smells a lot like a quick-and-frankly-filthy trade UK-US deal during President Trump’s election year, after an expected failure in US-China trade talks on 15Dec2019.  From Trump’s point of view, an archaic UK-US Free Trade Agreement is a consolation for failing to have stopped the destruction of US-China relations (which Trump himself effectively started, but control over which Trump lost to the sociopathic, war-mongering neo-cons of America).  From Johnson’s point of view, a UK-US Free Trade Agreement provides a treaty basis to leave the EEA’s methods of “conformity assessment”, thus effectively locking the UK out of the orbit of the EU’s political economy (thus making it much harder to re-join the European Union).

But free, largely unregulated trade with the deep corruptocracy of American is a dangerous ploy for British consumers familiar with European-style protections.  Any sample of articles from explains how toxins are corruptly smuggled into the food-chain and drug-chain, how appalling hygiene practices are permitted (encouraged, even) and how the corrupt policy making process of America keeps the toxins safely in situ.  Unsurprisingly, the oligarchs who run fakestream media want Natural News silenced, banned, murdered, whatever it takes to keep making profits from their implementing Agenda 2030 etc.

So it’s a false choice, then?

The false choice presented by the three mafia is, of course, utter baloney.

The ultimate grievance of Brexit is the gulf between the governed and the governors, a lack of accountability of those in power to those paying for the elite’s expensive and corrupt misadventures, the construction of an encroaching, corrupt, oligarch-led feudalism.

Ultimately, all three mafia propose to keep us plebs locked into corporate-sponsored neo-feudalism.

What’s missing from public discourse?

Oligarchy and corruption.

“Let us control the money of a country and we care not who makes its laws,” reportedly said T. Cushing Daniel, a Washington-based lobbyist and lawyer, in his testimony before the U.S. Congress in 1911 in hearings on House Resolution 314 (whether financiers were restricting trade by domination of the money supply) (source).

Similarly, “Let us control the energy of a country and we care not who prints the money.”

And, “Let us control the public narrative and we care not what the riff-raff think.”

It's the oligarchs' version of the game Rock, Paper and Scissors.  Sort of.  Who funds the public narrative and energy infrastructure?  Who powers the banking system?  Who builds confidence in the banking system?  Who pays the hacks who peddle the propaganda?

Of the real underlying issues – the framework in which any policy choice is feasible – there is no public discussion.  The media has censored discussion of the real issues, preferring instead to broadcast all manner of distractions.

Specifically, the deafening silence includes:

  • No re-statement of supremacy of Parliament and representative democracy.  Not even a whiff of anything like the Harrogate Agenda.
  • No comment, or even a hint, about the advantages/disadvantages of technocractic rule (the EU).
  • No comment about destablising monetary policy and central bank larceny.
  • No useful comment about about the issue-illiterate narrative of “man-made global warming” and its undisguised tones of a blatant eugenic agenda.  By contrast, there’s plenty of mainstream media exposure to those calling for everything to be taxed to buggery and back, apparently the magic bullet solution to the “climate emergency”.
  • No comment about how the climate change narrative favours hegemony of fossil fuel interests (by creating a fake scarcity in the by-product of fossil fuel energy generation, distribution and consumption: carbon dioxide).
  • No mainstream reporting of the apparent end of the solar maximum and the start of a solar minimum, ushering in a period of reduced solar energy reaching the Earth, thus leading to lower average global temperatures.  No doubt this will be credited to “carbon capture” and various other fake measures design to fill the theatre.  We’re on our way to a mini ice-age, and we are run by bozoes who think they’re gonna make it happen!!
  • No mainstream reporting of the apparent shift of the Earth’s magnetic poles.  Given our dependence on electronic stuff, a relatively quiet sun and a full-force magnetosphere to repeal the really bad stuff, you’d have thought the western world’s universities would be looking into the issue.  But no: grant funding depends upon promoting an issue-illiterate narrative of “man-made global warming”.  Oh well, if this choice kills millions of people, I guess it meets the eugenics agenda behind the narrative.
  • No mention of the European Defence Union.  Not a problem to mention this in European Union member states, but apparently, in the UK, the words “European Defence Union” trigger a wave of hate by the elite against the utterer of such words.
  • No comment about how to restore truth, completeness, accuracy and validity to mainstream media.
  • No comment about activists passing-off as journalists.
  • No substantial challenge to the bankster-sponsored failed Keynsianist command-and-control political economy.
  • No substantial challenge to the reverse-distribution of wealth, caused by bankster larceny (ZIRP, NIRP) from the modest, honest net savers to the ultra-indebted, crooked rich.
  • No challenge (not even exposure!) by campaigning politicians in mainstream media of globalist agencies, e.g. CIA, Open Society Foundation, Bilderberg Set, Davos Crowd, UN Agenda 21, UN Agenda 2030, the Green New Deal, Cultural Marxism, etc.  Money makes silence very loud, it seems.  Anybody who reads the published literature from the various groups subsidiary to the afore-named agencies are apparently cranky conspiracy theorists!
  • No challenge, or even advocacy, of a globalist, one-world government, based on anti-democratic, anti-accountable, non-recoursable technocratic government.
  • No mainstream exposure of the policy corruption in central banks, commercial banks, investment (“casino”) banks, technology, media, financial services, agriculture, food, fisheries, energy, fuel, pharmaceutical, healthcare, copyright and water industries.  And how public sector agencies, regulators and politicians corruptly develop policies to protect and promote that corruption.  And how the whole oligarchy of them continually develop policies to serve their own short-term interests, sod the externalities, therefore against the interests of us ordinary plebs.
  • No calling out the double-standards between food labelling and vaccine non-labelling.  Us ordinary plebs are supposed to understand an additive, say, E302 when it appears on a ingredients list of a jar of jam.  But, apparently, we’re not allowed – because we are too thick – to understand a mercurial compound that would appear on a list of ingredients list of a vaccine, hence why the list of ingredients of a vaccine is allowed to be self-censored.  We're not supposed to understand that vaccines need immuno-suppressants to work at all.  We're not supposed to understand that there are immuno-suppressants that are not toxic.  We're not supposed to know that the toxic immuno-supressants are much, much cheaper than the non-toxic alternatives, therefore better for corporate profitability.  But the state – at a corporation’s demand – expects to take such drugs without question.  And the elite wonder why the anti-vaxxers campaign for accountability in healthcare.
  • No rational analysis of a desirable foreign policy, or its strategy.
  • Still no mainstream media challenge to the fake narratives around the “terrorist attacks” against the World Trade Centre, New York, on 11Sep2001.
  • Still no mainstream media challenge to the fake narratives around the War(s) in Iraq.  Even today, when the issue arises, the fakestream still whitter on about “weapons of mass destruction” and remain silent about Saddam Hussein’s suggestion about trading oil for EUR, instead of USD.
  • No challenge to the blatant propaganda about the war against the Syrian regime, or the wider war on terror.  On the contrary, the mainstream media is still very keen on us ordinary plebs believing that Assad used chemical weapons, still re-publishing images that very clearly prove that the narrative is plainly fake, still hoping that we take everything at face value.
  • No apparent lessons to learn in the UK from the two attempts in the US by Democratic National Congress to hold a coup (Russiagate and Ukrainegate respectively).  On the contrary, on 06Dec2019, the fakestream media started reporting allegations that Russia was manipulating the UK election.  Here we go again.  The documents in question were blabbed by a Reddit thread, which Corbyn used as stage prop, and all of a sudden – with no apparent evidence – all of this was down to Russia.  Do our intelligence services get their evidence from daily horoscopes?
  • Other than a single videoed lecture by the late Hans Rosling, no mainstream attempt to understand why birth rates in western countries are typically below replacement rates, or how mass imports of people (”population replacement”) solves the underlying cause of the below-replacement birth rates.
  • No comparison of the Chinese social credit system and the “internet of things” lauded by the tech mafia.

There are plenty more issues to pick at.  These are just for starters.

Us ordinary plebs are the only ones paying tax to fund all of this unspoken corruption.  Taxation without representation.

Final conclusion

Same as the interim conclusion.

As a vote simply ratifies the cynical, mafia, elite state in which we live, there is no good reason to vote.

Democracy cannot function in a post-truthist, elite-driven society: the freedom of us plebs seems now to depend upon a French-style revolution.

End of post.

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