Saturday, 30 March 2019

It's Brexit betrayal, Jim, but not as we knew it...

It's 30Mar2019.  We were supposed to have Brexitted today.

But it hasn't happened.  The UK is still in the European Union.

Other commentators have written more than enough detail about how the UK political establishment ("UKPE") has sought to thwart Brexit.  Here's my take, from a higher altitude, looking down.

Blairite Remainiacs are still fighting the referendum, by hook and by crook

Some members of the UKPE have undertaken a specific crusade to do undermine Brexit and therefore also the will of the people.

I refer to them as "Blairite Remainiacs" ("BRs"), whose representatives include the UK Government (the Civil Service, the Prime Minister's office and the Treasury), The Independent Group ("TIG") and the mainstream media (online, print and broadcast, especially the BBC, the Financial Times and the Grauniad).

Other BRs are more covert: they act as sleeping agents within other political parties, contaminating both Labour and Conservative Parties accordingly.

The TIG and their sleeping agents in other political parties account for the sole elected element of this mafia: that they represent themselves more than they represent their constituents is rather one of two overarching points to vote to leave the EU in the first place.

From BRs, there is absolute silence about why the European Union is a good thing, but lots of disinformation about why freedom from the EU is absolutely impossible in every way, so should be abandoned.

Accompanying BRs' disinformation is the tangible snobbery from PRs against us ordinary plebs - we are "thick gammons", "poorly educated" (as if education is the sole path to enlightenment, contrary to >2,000 years of world history), "deceived in the campaign, but only by the Leave side", "mis-sold the myth that life can exist at all outside the European Union" (again, contrary to >2,000 years of world history), "trashing our childrens' futures"  - demonstrating a nasty, sociopathic, narcissistic, virtue-signalling superiority of PRs themselves.

The BRs aim to socialise us into succumbing to the corporate and social communist coffin that the EU is selflessly building for us.  Us ordinary taxpaying plebs should just shut up and keep on paying for it, both with our taxes and, more importantly, the future freedom of our grand-children.

Why Blairite?  Because these agents appear at a distance to be working with some "Common Purpose" (wiki).  The cat is out of the bag.

The Ultra Brexiteers are still ignorant about how the real world actually works

Other members of the UKPE have unwittingly sought to undermine Brexit as a predictable consequence of their deep ignorance and general stupidity.  Predictable, that is, to those of us with brains, not predictable to the members of the UKPE so afflicted.

I refer to them as the "Ultras", whose representatives include the European Research Group ("ERG"), the now-blatantly corrupt corporatist lobby group the Institute of Economic Affairs ("IEA") and BrexitCentral.  The ERG is the sole elected element, and, like its BR antidote, that they represent themselves more than they represent their constituents is rather one of two overarching points to vote to leave the EU in the first place.

From the Ultras, there is absolute silence about how the real world trades.  Where Ultras have dared to comment publicly, they say/imply that the real world still trades with the same legal infrastructure as it did in the 1980s.  Their knowledge is highly selective; the ignorance even more so.  Every time they open their mouths, Ultras prove their total ignorance about how non-tariff barriers to trade have comprehensively negated the otherwise-beneficial purposes of the Free Trade Agreements of the 1980s.  I can't tell whether the Ultras are genuinely ignorant, or wilfully ignorant: either way, it takes a lot of effort to remain so blissfully, selectively ignorant about the real world.

The Ultras also offer us a deafening silence about how the European Union is actually a problem.  For those of us with brains, we did our own research and quickly concluded that the EU is fundamentally a technocratic project whose primary mission is anti-democratic, to centralise power for anti-democratic forces (including corporatists, a.k.a. "corporate communism", or more properly "fascism" (which leftists still wrongly think is only about ethnic cleansing)).

We also concluded that we could not rely upon the UKPE or its sinister propagandist machine - the mainstream media - to tell us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  Looking back at this blog's historic entries, I've marched down the same path that many other brainful people have marched.  We've all recognised the lies-by-omission.

Yet, there is a special place in hell - Tusk, take note - for the toxicity of public policy choices that the European Union has taken, all of which Ultras should have been screaming from every rooftop in the land.  Examples:

  • The Notification Procedure of the Services Directive 2006 is a direct over-ruling of democratic choice by unaccountable regulatory arrogance.
  • The European Parliament recently agreed to the Copyright Directive, which deliberately seeks to use copyright law to censor the internet (in particular, to replace the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth with leftist, woke, fake-truth).
  • The European Union's members had a consorted role in the development of the Paris Accord on Climate Change, the outcome of which has been policies which:
    • remove the greatest threat to the fossil fuel industry (nuclear power);
    • entrench the greatest aid to the fossil fuel industry (unreliable wind & solar power);
    • extend the fossil fuel monopoly to profit from other wasteful uses of irreplaceable ores & elements; and
    • entrench a self-serving groupthink by justifying the whole policy set on the false theory of man-made global warming (i.e. that man - straight white men in particular - is the sole source of all forms of climate change).

But the Ultras speak nothing of this deliberately dysfunctional governance.  Even less do the Ultras recognise cultural Marxism as the means by which such nasty, sociopathic, narcissistic, virtue-signalling policies and frameworks come about.

The middling establishmentists refuse to surrender their lazy little sweet spot

The remainder of the UKPE sees no benefit to Brexit.

Whether civil servant or elected Parliamentarian, being paid a full-time salary for having zero accountability for anything smells like a nice, easy life.  To them, it's worth surrendering all influence over policy choices taken at the European Union.

Better still, they no longer have to fend off the continuous flow of corrupt, corporatist lobbyists who seek entrenched monopolistic protections in law in favour of their corporate clients.  That European law tends towards favouring such lobby groups at the expense of democratic accountability is another one of two overarching points to vote to leave the EU in the first place.

The outside world now sees why the UKPE was never a safe pair of hands

Outside of the UK, foreign political establishments wonder how on earth this has come about.

The EU has known for years that the British delegation is the most amateur, unprepared, issue-illiterate and missing the point about just about everything.  Yet, the very public performance of the UKPE's stupidity has had the most extraordinary international consequences.

The United States of America is soooooo looking forward to negotiating future deals with the UK (an Open Skies Agreement is allegedly already in place, contrary to European law).

The European Free Trade Association might once have considered the UK to be an ally to overcome the onerous dominance of the European Union, but which probably ought to consider the UKPE as toxic as the EU itself.

The United Nations, and its members, are almost certainly asking serious questions about the mental health of the UKPE given the UKPE's obsessive Russiaphobia.  (Note: Russiaphobia seems to be a unholy alliance between those who think that Russia is about to nuke the world and those leftists who recognise that Russia is too savvy to become "woke" any time soon).

Which leaves us where?

On 23Jun2016, the UK electoral voted to take back control, with a long list of grievances to support their desire to take back control (ranging from trade, to immigration to sovereignty, and everything else in between).

We knew at the time that our political system was substantially crippled by a supra-national organisation that severely limited what our political system could achieve.  This is why it was so important to see whether UKGov had a strategy within the EU.  It spent months leading up to the referendum proving that it had none.  Since the referendum, it has proven why it had none.

Today, we realise that our political system wasn't just crippled by an external agency, but that it is equally crippled by its own internal agents.

Taking back control, it seems, is going to be a much, much harder objective to achieve.  Whether it is worth taking back control for a British electorate known for its laziness, complacency, denial and ubiquitous selective ignorance is another blog post for another day.

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