Sunday, 11 November 2018

Project Sabotage: Londoners move out of the city, into the provinces

According to a survey by estate agents Hampton International, Londoners are on the move.  The press release appears to be dated Feb-Mar 2018; it was publicised as bait-for-the-masses on LBC in the afternoon of Sun 27Aug2018.

The bait was quite tasty, thank you very much.  So here goes some indigestion...

Base analysis

Of Londoners selling their properties located in London's prime areas, the largest plurality re-located to elsewhere in the South East of England, well within London's commuting zone.  As they did so, they spent more.  They got more for their money, so were prepared to pay more overall.

This puts an upward pressure onto housing in extra-London South East England.  It suggests that Londoners are poor negotiators, thinking that lazy plutocracy is more valuable than the hard work of doing a good deal.  Every over-priced house that these Londoners bought - and they will have done - raises the asking price for all properties in the same area, raising the goalposts for the locals.  This means that a local family's children will have to keep on saving forever for a deposit that shall never be enough, ever.

Of Londoners selling their properties located in London's non-prime areas, the greatest plurality re-located to the East of England (East Anglia and Hertfordshire).  Laughably, the survey attributed price being a main factor in the choice of destination.  Particularly worrying were the (apparently) statistically significant number of non-prime Londoners moving to the Midlands and the North West.

How is this bad for Brexit?

The main headline to consider is that London is overwhelmingly Leftist and Remainiac, whereas the provinces are largely conservative, apolitical and sceptical of the mission of European political integration.  Yet, in both London and extra-London, voting behaviour remains seeded in a loyal party-political tribalism, a strange form of faith.  There is little evidence that voters actually do any evidence-based, rational decision making prior to casting their vote for the habitual party.

The net headline result is that socio-political division is simply spread by ex-Londoners moving into the extra-London world.

These Londoners leave London to contaminate the styx that they privately profess to hate oh-so-much (especially in their preferred mainstream media outlets).  Their choice to willingly overpay the asking prices for housing is a form of colonialism.  In particular, old-style colonialism; while the self-appointed culturally-superior London immigrants will seek to educate the ignorant, non-London riff-raff, whereas the locals will perceive the invaders as hostile, patronising, self-serving and Thornberryesque.

It looks set to become another tributory factor to the civil war to which England is currently headed.  It is inconceivable that the typical Lefty media-luvvie Remainiac is going to understand the basics of human interaction that exist widely outside of the blinkered, people-hating world of Inside the M25.  These ex-Londoners will likely spread their snobbery and divisiveness through their new neighbourhoods, complaining about the smell of the countryside, complaining about the apparent pecking order in the local pub (assuming there is still a local pub), complaining about the lack of car parking space, or the lack of Waitroses (especially outside the South East of England).

They will despair at the lack of Michelin-starred restaurants.  In their socially-inept natural ways, they will attempt joviality about their predicament.  "Oh," they shall gush, "my village in London had two such restaurants within a 10-second Über ride away!  But here, there's only a chippy!  Not even a North Korean vegan takeaway!  How quaint!"  In so doing, they shall fail to recognise the implicit, passive-aggressive insult blatantly obvious to the unfortunate local who foolishly bothered to give the ex-Londoner time of day.  Imagine the enhanced anger of the local when he discovers the "village" to which the ex-Londoner refers is a densely urban area of, say, Chiswick or Islington.

Worst of all will be the complaining about Brexit, demanding second/third/fourth/as-many referenda as it takes to reverse Brexit, to join the Eurozone, to join the Single European Army, to justify ignoring the original referendum decision.  Add to that the wider, local-level consequences of colonialism: the takeover of the local theatre group, demanding a local referendum on how Islam-friendly the local primary school's nativity play should be, applications for planning permission to build a 200ft brick wall around their house ("it's for security!" yeah, they'll certainly need it!), the publicity-seeking connections that get their face into the local papers, the manipulative worming into local social circles perceived to be bastions of local power.  And... wait for it... ultimately, the offering to stand as a candidate in local and national elections.

None of the ex-Londoners will stoop so low as to speak with the locals.  Even fewer will listen, or detect, the subtle passive-aggressiveness rightfully directed at them for being self-centred, self-absorbed and self-serving.  None of them will ever learn the catastrophic social errors embedded deep in their lack-of-character and psyche, so they will continue to practice the despicable snobbery that so-entertained their fellow London Leftie-luvvies at their champagne-socialist soirée dinner parties in Islington.

In all probability, the only "locals" with whom the ex-Londoners might connect would be other immigrants to the local area.  And, from these non-natives, the ex-Londoners will draw satisfying, self-serving, incorrect conclusions about "what the locals think".

In some cases - probably the minority - the ex-London will have chosen to return to the area in which they grew up all those years ago.  They might have left wet behind the ears, but they shall have returned with a sinister metropolitan, anti-English agenda, sneering against the locals who, apparently, have no idea how much money they could make from property, "If only they knew what they were doing."

It's a dangerous cocktail.

Keep eyes peeled on social media.  Look out for an ex-Londoner posting a photograph of a local's dwelling, "Image from #OutsideTheM25".  It's gonna happen.  The signs are there ("Coffee outside the M25 is often unpalateable"; blatant quasi-racism!).  Only a matter of time...

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