Saturday, 21 July 2018

Taking back control: UKGov impresses EU27 by translating nonsense into EU27 languages... badly

As if UKGov's white paper of 12Jul2018 ("The future relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union") wasn't embarrassingly issue-illiterate enough (it's not worth reading), UKGov managed to worsen everybody's embarrassment still further.

UKGov managed to screw up the translations of the executive summary into the EU27's official languages.

Facebook, Twitter, mainstream media, everybody are collectively listing speling mistaches, syntax errors, grammatical goofs, transliteration (instead of translation)...

Part of being English is to put up with an incompetent public sector, but even so, there are limits.  This exercise in insulting the audience by screwing up translations looks deliberate.

It's hard to be sure whether UKGov copied-and-pasted stuff into Google Translate - or, worse, Bing Translate - or whether the idiots found a bunch of Toryboys at Eton half-way through a GCSE in whatever random language and a copy of a dictionary dating to the 1850s.

Either way, the intention is crystal clear: be seen to negotiate in good faith, but screw up the implementation so well that the result is bad faith.  The strategy is clear: to undermine the will of the people by hand-delivering the most self-damaging Brexit that the largely-Remainaic civil service can devise.

All because the idiots don't want to accept "freedom of movement" and refuse to read the bit in the EEA Agreement that makes "freedom of movement" a non-issue anyway.

Project Sabotage continues apace.

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