Saturday, 28 April 2018

Whoa! Did us ordinary plebs miss something? (Rotterdam Port expresses concern about uncertainty)

Today, Dr North of EUReferendum commented on a report in the Graudiad relating to how the port of Rotterdam is struggling to understand the objectives of an investment plan to cope with Brexit, i.e. the UK leaving the Single Market as well as the European Union.

Even if only 50% of the Grauniad's report is correctly, factually reported-in-context, then it flags a potential sliver of rationality in UKGov.

An ordinary pleb - like me - presupposes, on the grounds of evidence afore us that UKGov has shit-for-brains.  Leavers knew this would be a risk, but likely underestimated it, or placed too much faith in civil servants to do the right thing eventually.

But perhaps us leavers underestimated the tactic of being wilfully stupid in the face of technocrats.  After all, one wouldn't negotiate with a Dalek, because such negotiations are always one-sided.

So what if the antidote to technocracy is to consistently miss the point of everything, drive very slowly first towards an option which is so awful for everybody, then sit and wait silently for others to start panicking about the inevitable uncertainty as the clock ticks down?

The European Union clearly doesn't care.  There have been European Parliamentarians who have accepted economic and financial losses arising from Brexit in the short-term as a price worth paying.

But European Union member nations also have their ordinary plebs.  And the Port of Rotterdam has a duty of care to its employees, who are the very ordinary plebs in this story who face the greatest uncertainties of all.

The Port of Rotterdam is now realises that it is probably too late to avoid economic loss arising from a cliff-edge Brexit, and this will have an overall negative effect on the port.  Sure, Rotterdam is right to point to Dover having even bigger problems.  But Rotterdam is key to the European Union, whether the EU likes it or not.

So is UKGov simply waiting for the likes of Rotterdam to explain to the EU the likely full costs of sticking to current EU law?


But, let's get serious.  The EU won't listen to their own people anyway!  And, even if the EU did, the EU cannot unilaterally change its law on a whim just because a leaving member state wants it.

And there's another thing which will become a future blog post.  The US Trade Representative published its report on non-tariff barriers for 2018.  This reveals as much about US corruption as it alleges EU policy choice corruption.  In so doing, it also reveals that UKGov cannot be playing a sensible game.  Combined with the evidence afore us to date, it confirms from a third source that UKGov is absolutely clueless.

For the avoidance of doubt, I am being generous to UKGov for claiming UKGov has shit-for-brains.  The only alternative would be that UKGov intends to sabotage Brexit by creating a dreadful outcome.

So, no, us ordinary plebs haven't missed anything at all.

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