Monday, 29 May 2017

General election 8 June 2017: the Conservative Party manifesto

I have reviewed part of the Conservative Party manifesto, up to page 40.  This covered most of my interests.

I noted 67 points within my scope of interests, of which:
  • 21 were statements which were so comprehensively misleading and/or depended upon deep ignorance to sustain, i.e. bullshit;
  • 14 were just plain wrong or unacceptable;
  • 11 were acceptable, even if they slightly missed a viable (measurable) policy objective;
  • 11 gave rise to more questions (which, in the absence of further data, would fall into the “bullshit” category above)
  • 6 voids, i.e. matters where there should have been a policy, but which there are no policies at all;
  • 4 contradictions.

I shall not review the remaining 48 pages before the election: I won’t have the time to do so (except for the paragraphs relating to the “fake news” story of the “dementia tax”).

Relating to Brexit-related policy choices, there were:
  • 2 questions relating to strategy, both of which should have been answered long before now.
  • 5 statements of bullshit.

On balance, the manifesto gives me no confidence that Brexit is actually going to complete in a manner conducive to the interests of both UK and EU.

The manifesto confirms the current strategy of “no plan, no deal”.

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