Sunday, 16 October 2016

SHOCK HORROR: Boris Johnson accused to trying to set out his thoughts before coming to a conclusion

The idiots who run our mass media went into a frenzy of over-driven stupidity on Sun 16Oct2016 when it emerged that BoJo had drafted two articles prior to the referendum of 23Jun2016.

One of BoJo’s articles was an attempt to bolster the case for UKGov’s continued membership of the European Union.  The second sought to bolster the case for UKGov’s departure from the European Union.

2 days after drafting the articles, BoJo chose to join the Leave Campaign.

The draft article came to light as part of a book plug bya newspaper hack.

The BBC’s coverage was particularly infantile, its evil left-wing agenda dripping through every word of every version for each medium.  Here’s the web version.  The BBC’s line is that any attempt to rationalise a thought process is “duplicity”.

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