Saturday, 3 September 2016

Remainiac “resistance” exists: is a British civil war possible?

The New European newspaper’s website said:

Issue 9 highlights include:
  • Labour MP and Vote Leave Watch chairman Chuka Umunna on holding the Leave campaign to account
  • Political Journalist Annabelle Dickson on the network of popular resistance to Brexit
  • James Brown, founder of Loaded and previous editor of GQ, on continental football and the European football hipster
  • Brad K. Blitz, professor of Politics and migration expert, on the rise of dogwhistle politics
  • Journalist and author Anthony Clavane on the divided community of Boston, Lincolnshire
  • Jason Walsh on the fight for the right in France’s current political landscape
  • Plus 15 of the finest ales from the continent to make you forget about Brexit – and your chance to win 48 bottles of European beer with our page 48 quiz

European culture, fine: not a problem.  Let it flood into the UK and mix with all the other cultures we have in the UK.  Provided they all obey our rule of law within our jurisdiction.

But the “network of popular resistance to Brexit” sounds like a core of saboteurs, akin to the French Resistance of the 1940s.

An article in this rag about the “rise of dogwhistle” politics is hardly going to tell its readership that “you, whose chose to spend £2 to read this paper, are the self-serving, wannabe elitists who hate your own neighbours and hope that democracy can be by-passed so that the state can ignore your neighbours,” is it?


Hmmm, well… on second thoughts… actually… it might.

I guess for the armchair Remainiac, spending £2 per issue on reading self-serving vitriol is easier and cheaper than to sell up home and migrate to the Europe that they apparently love so much that they prefer to stay living in the Little Britain that they apparently hate so much.

Whether Brexit happens or not, it looks like Britain is on course for a civil war.

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