Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Swedish darling of the liberal left ready to play hardball with UK on Brexit

Reported by the Grauniad on 27Aug2016, Cecilia Malmström is the European Commissioner for Trade (since 2014).  According to the Grauniad, she plans to make life hell for UKGov.

In its continuing left-wing zeal to hate its own country, the Grauniad gushes out the pure sensationalist fear of just how the European Union is apparently going to eat Britain for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with diners like Malmström picking the choice cuts.

Mats Karlsson, a colleague of Malmström, from the Swedish Institute of International Affairs gave a quote in which the Grauniad relished:

Karlsson thinks his compatriot will be clearly focused on European interest when it comes to Brexit. “I think she will be a very hard negotiator in that we did not create this problem, this was a problem created by Britain.”

Reflecting a fairly widespread view among pro-European Swedes and beyond, he said: “Britain can only get a bad deal, a very bad deal ,or a catastrophic deal. I think that she will be very clear about what is required.”

Wow.  Such is the immense force of evil that is Project Smear!

By 12:52 on Sun 28Aug2016, there were, 2,375 public comments to the article.  To me, the overwhelming majority of these public comments parrot the Graunaid’s hateful, self-loathing, racist, anti-British Project Smear.  They assume that Britain is somehow a beggar to the European Union, whose future can depend only on some sort of fiscal or economic opium available only from the European Union.  This opium is apparently not available from any other source.  It’s a very strange discourse to read, and frightening: these commentators have zero idea of how real life works.

One of the public commentators in particular seems particularly unhinged, and vocal.  It’s almost embarrassing.  But funny:

You obviously don't understand : what is the incentive for us [the EU] to give the UK a deal? Not much. And if you are not satisfied with what we give you, then you still have the WTO rules...

Such a short paragraph, but so much nonsense therein to unbundle!

Of course, these comments are emotional reactions to others who take a more realistic view, even if the more realistic views are held by pragmatic remainers.  I’m not sure why those with a more realistic view would want to comment in the Grauniad, knowing the sheer poison that the hateful Remainiac brigade will shower upon them.

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