Saturday, 13 August 2016

Islam might make Brexit workable, by banning alcohol

“MPs face six-year Sharia booze ban: Parliament to move to Islamic-owned Health department block in 2020 while Palace of Westminster is refurbished”

Seriously?!  Really?  Naah, they’re making it up…

Perhaps not.  The Independent reheated the story originally from MailOnline and apparently got hold of a Treasury talking-head to confirm it.

Wow.  Just imagine that.

If Richmond House couldn’t serve alcohol, then some members of Parliament might either avoid Parliament altogether or sober up for the first time in decades.  They might actually see the big papery things tied up with string and wonder, “What’s that?”

Well, let me enlighten them.  The big papery things tied up with string are called Bills of Parliament.  It’s the job of MPs to read the bill, get the crap taken out of it, and leave behind a workable, useful and enforceable bill for further discussion and perhaps enactment.

Obviously best done while sober.

British Islam might actually improve the quality of the scrutiny of UKGov by MPs!

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