Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The EurIn campaign fails to respond to a request for the case in favour of the European Union

On 16Apr2016, I emailed the official EurIn campaign the following:

Dear Sirs

Following your designation as the official 'EurIn' or 'Remain' campaign, I would be grateful for the following single piece of data.

Within the next 14 days, I would be grateful for a link to an 'EurIn' equivalent of the Brexit Flexcit plan.

In the pre-campaign period, the 'EurIn' campaign has relied almost exclusively upon "Project Fear", with no credible data to justify objectively the basis of those fears.

The European Union intends to publish a strategy for the Union in June 2016, which is too late to be useful in the UK's referendum of 23 June 2016.

Just as the Flexcit plan sets out how Britain could adapt to life outside the European Union, I want to see a 'Flexin' plan that sets out the European Union's strategy for the next few decades, and how the British benefit from such strategy.  In short, what is the business case for the European Union?

I shall measure the plan by:
  • its factual accuracy, both historic and predictive (absolutely no misrepresentation, no attempt to mislead or manipulate the reader, no flawed statistics, all either deliberately or negligently);
  • the economic literacy, financial literacy and political literacy of its objectives;
  • its ability to account for risks relating to those objectives;
  • i.e. a sound plan.
To be readable, the plan must be no longer than the Flexcit plan.

For the avoidance of doubt:
  • I distinguish between the British people, the British government and the European proto-government: I'm more interested in peoples than the governments.
  • I am not a registered supporter of either EurIn or Brexit campaign, and choose not to be.

If you have any queries, please ask.

Kind regards

On the same day, an automatic reply said:

Thank you for emailing Britain Stronger In Europe. We receive a large number of emails each day, but someone will get back to you in due course.

Since then, nothing.

I’ll assume that there is no FlexIn plan, and even less appetite for the EurIn campaign to extoll the virtues of a United States of Europe.

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