Thursday, 25 February 2016

Why start this blog?

For years, I've never really seen the point of blogs.  Who reads them?  Who has the time to read them?  Within the zigabytes of data on the internet, who knows where even to start looking for them?!

I guess I'll find out.


  • long-term economic crookery (0% interest rates, unjustifiable taxpayer-funded bail-outs of banks, politically-motivated currency zones, widespread deflation followed by inflation followed by stagflation);
  • corruption in policy formation (deliberately choosing policy based on ideology, away from the provable facts);
  • a largely uninformed electoral base (take, for example, opinions about the immigration issue apparently with no connection to demographics and the government's tax base);
  • global warming (oh yeah, that);
... you'd have thought that there would be other things to worry about than Brexit.

During Prime Minister Cameron's negotiations with leader of the other 27 member governments of the European Union ending on Friday 19 February 2016, the mainstream British media reported all sorts of opinions arising from all sorts of quarters.  Crucially, however, the mainstream media tends not to prove the credibility of opinion-givers as thoroughly as they should before giving them airtime.  And those who claim "authority" (or are presented as such) actually end up talking mindless drivel.

Meanwhile, as part of their core grassroots campaign, both "stayers" and "leavers" seem set to create as much fear, uncertainty and doubt in the minds of the voter.

Yet, this vote potentially matters.  At one level, the European Union is merely a club of governments who seek to co-ordinate their policy choices in order to widen the scope of trade within Europe and therefore conserve some sort of tax base to run their public services.  However, at another level, the European Union is a rigid control structure designed to justify national governments ignoring their own electorates.

So this blog is going to be my reaction to some of the news and opinions that arise from time to time.

I wasn't going to bother.  But since 19 February 2016, I have been both astonished and depressed by the speed with which particular ideological quarters have rushed to the media with their blithering stupidity.  I'd love to believe that the silent majority of us voters have brains, but the medias' vox pop that I've seen have depressed me even more.  So it's time to set out de-constructing some of the bullshit that some opinion-givers want to give.

My views aren't authoritative.  They might not even be factually correct.  But as I have a vote, I need to be convinced.

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